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Mary Baechler

Mary has been a CEO and entrepreneur with a focus on quality and customer service; a grass-roots community organizer working on voting issues, a community health advocate, and a Planner in Economic Development for Yakama Nation, teaching entrepreneurship and financial literacy. She brings a focus on job creation and a passion for healing our world from climate change.  

About Mary

Mary Baechler has been a businesswoman, an entrepreneur and a grass roots community organizer with almost 40 years in the Yakima Valley. She was one of the co-founders and CEO of the Baby Jogger Company, Yakima’s innovative stroller business, creating more than 400 jobs in 18 years. Baby Jogger employees provided extraordinary customer service and built world class running strollers.  Mary has worked as a community organizer, focusing on voting and water issues in the Yakima area; she also worked as the Planner in Economic Development for Yakama Nation, and during the Covid-19 pandemic, worked for Public Health as a Communicable Disease investigator. Mary brings a wealth of experience and a focus on job creation.

Mary ran for Congress in the 4th Congressional District in 2012, running against incumbent Doc Hastings. She knows how large and diverse the 4th Congressional District is; how important farming and businesses are for creating good jobs, and how increases in the costs of everything make it harder for families and also businesses to make ends meet. 

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