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Working for Central Washington Families & Communities

Rock the Vote Yakima
Date and time is TBD | Yakima


Mary brings experience and focus on job creation in Central Washington. As the Planner in Economic Development for Yakama Nation, a dedicated grass-roots community organizer fighting for clean water and voting rights in Yakima, and Public Health Investigator of infectious diseases.



Mary's Vision

We all want the best for our families and communities. I am running with the belief that we need to work together, so that the opportunities of the American dream are available for all members of our community. We are indeed, one village, and I believe in affecting change in Congress to focus on the services we provide our communities.

Women’s Right for Reproductive Freedom

Women should be free to make their healthcare decisions without interference. By funding contraceptive access and comprehensive sexual health education, we can reduce the need for accidental pregnancies and abortions. The countries with the lowest abortion rates are the ones that have comprehensive healthcare, including OB/GYN services.

 Climate and Water 

We all want a good future for our children. Protecting our planet for our children and grandchildren is priority one; we need to address climate change and create new green jobs. Water is everything! Remember the smoke from the wildfires every summer? If we act now, we can reduce the effects of climate change on our local families, farms, and the farmworkers.

Affordable Housing

Housing is expensive and scarce. We have been let down by career politicians, but we can help builders with simplified regulations and incentives for housing.

Education & Jobs

Education and jobs are everything. Who can afford a mortgage when they are paying off school loans? College education should be almost free, like it was for our parent’s generation. Technical and trade schools lead to well-paying jobs, but many high schoolers are not taught financial literacy or entrepreneurial skills which gives young people the pathway to success.

Community Matters

Can we find ways to listen to each other and build a better world for our children? I believe we can and if elected as your congresswoman, I am willing to listen to both sides and enact change on the important issues affecting our communities.





It will take money to win the 4th Congressional District!  Your donation, small or large, is very appreciated and will help us campaign. Thank you so much. (please note; your donation is not tax deductible)


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